Thursday, October 10, 2013

Blogging fail

I feel like a total fail blogger, didn't finish the year long challenge, and haven't posted in forever.  Between work, Kiddo's school stuff, and family stuff, I've just completely lost track of things.

Things have been ok at work, moving to a new office space, so that's been fun trying to get things like licenses changed over to the new address.  And by fun I mean hell, cause no city/county does it the same.

Kiddo is LOVING school, even the daycare after school on the days I work.  He loves that his best friend across the street is in the same class, and that they get to ride their bikes together to and from school.

Our family just keeps getting bigger! My cousins found out at the beginning of summer that they were expecting their second child, a little boy!  Now I'm wondering when my son will start asking why he doesn't have a sister, since everyone else has a boy and a girl lol.

I've been looking online and trying to find out where I can go to school to be able to do nails professionally.  As well as collecting more and more polishes, of course!  Actually am in the middle of organizing all of them.  Picked up some blank nail spoons on Amazon the other day and have been labeling them and swatching the polishes.  I also did a set of fake nails for my friend's Halloween costume this year, and I will say this.  Painting nails that aren't attached to a finger is kind of hard!  But I figured out a way with some tape and wooden cuticle sticks, and I must say that they turned out pretty well for my first time!

I've also gotten 2 new toys, a Nexus 7 that I brought from a friend, and a Google Chromecast that the lovely people at Google Chrome sent me so that I can be of more help on the Chromebook Central forums, which I've been happy to help out on since this whole Chromebook adventure began.