Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Polish Removal w/ Wearable Soakers

I received a set of these Wearable Soakers as a surprise gift from my friend +Jamie Cannon (author of Night Falls, go check it out on Kindle and NOOK devices and apps!) after we saw them on another blog and were joking how silly/awesome they'd be for removing our favorite glitter polishes.  Shortly after receiving them, I HAD to buy her a set! They are awesome!  So easy to use, and have made removing my polish so much easier and faster!

They were meant to be used by filling the clear plastic part with acetone to soak off acrylics and gels, but I found that method wasted to much acetone for just taking off polish.  This is how I use them:

First, the polish.  Sally Hansen Black Platinum, 3 coats, w/ Kleancolor Chunky Holo Bluebell, 2 coats

I take 5 cotton squares..

..and cut them each in half.

Then comes the soaker pods.

Pop it open...

..and place a folded square half that has been saturated with acetone in the clear half.

Pop the pink half back on. (Skip this step for thumb nail removal, as they aren't really wide enough)

Insert finger so that your nail is in contact with the acetone.  I usually leave these on for about 5 minutes or more, depending on the color/how many layers of polish.

This is how it looks right after taking my finger out of the pod.

Take the cotton out of the pod and wipe off the last bits of polish!  

It's as easy as that!  Another use I've seen tossed around for these are using them for oil soaks, but I haven't had a chance to try that out.