Monday, July 22, 2013

Green nails, and new polishes!

Wasn't feeling creative this week, so I just did a base of China Glaze Con-Fused, and figured I'd think of something to stamp it with later.  

Went out to Venice Island to check out the shops this past weekend, and one of the shops is full of sun-activated color changing shirts and other souvenirs.  They also have a bunch of polishes that do the same!  I had one from a few years ago, and picked up 2 new ones since they were having a sale.

I don't remember the name of the half-full one, but the blue glitter is City Girl, and the clear is Lollipop.  This is out of the sunlight.

This is out in the sunlight.  The blue glitter in the clear base turns to a purple base.  The blue metalic turns green. The clear turns nice and red.  I had to try out Lollipop.

Inside.  I had just come inside, so the red wasn't faded completely, but otherwise it's clear on the nail.

In the sunlight.  It takes a few minutes for this rich of color.  

The formula was ok to work with, though it does need some thinner.  This was 4 or 5 coats, as the color change was streaky otherwise.

I can't stand having the white parts of my nails show, so I painted french tips w/ Color Club Flamingo from the Fiesta collection.