Thursday, December 20, 2012

Week 12

I'm sick, so just a quick post this week.  This week's challenge is 'Inspired by a song', and cause so much Christmas music is playing, I was going to do snowflakes and some Christmas lights for "Blue Christmas".  I feel like crap though, and am so tired all the time, so I only have gotten my base color down so far.  I'm hoping to finish them, so there may be an update later in the week.

Wet'N'Wild Fantasy Makers Black, Color Club Personal Stylist, top coat

Can't even tell where I nick'd my nail while shaving my legs! Lol, anyway, here's some candy cane nails, and what my nails look like naked so this isn't such a sad post (Naked nails happened before I filed them down for the candy cane nails):

SinfulColors Snow Me White, Tokyo Pearl, and Sugar Sugat, top coat