Thursday, October 11, 2012

Polar Opposites - Weekly Challenge 2

Hello there! I know the week is almost over, but I was just feeling completely uninspired with this prompt.  I think I need a nice deep grey-blue color, I have to many bright summery blues, and I was just not feeling it this week.  Plus I cut my nails down to nubs because I just wasn't liking the squared off look anymore and couldn't file them down evenly enough.  Plus I had some serious staining that was not wanting to buff out and was taking to long to grow out.

I recently picked up one of the new SinfulColors magnetic polishes at Target, and was playing around with it and noticed it had this awesome blue shimmer in it, so it became my 'Blue Nails'.  It's called Polar Opposites, and it's a lovely grey shimmer with blue shimmer that looks purple at extreme angles (that I could not figure out how to photograph), and when the magnet is used, it makes lovely black/dark blue waves and it seems the blue shimmer concentrates in those areas as well.  I had a problem with brush strokes showing, but I also wasn't being very patient when I applied it, so not 100% sure it's the polish and not just user error.  Please excuse my sad cuticles, forgot to moisturize them after doing the dishes. Shown without base coat (don't have one at the moment), 1 or 2 coats of Sally Hansen Black Platinum, 2 coats of Polar Opposites, and 1 coat of Sally Hansen Advanced Hard As Nails Strengthening Top Coat (my typical top coat, as it drys really fast)

Blurred to show shimmer

The grey is more stainless-looking in person, but I couldn't get the camera the capture that as best as I would have liked.

Until next time...