Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pucci-Licious Crackle - Challenge Week 3

I recently got a set of Color Club polishes for a steal at an outlet store, and have been trying out different looks for the Reddit week of the challenge.  It's the Poptasic collection, and the color I finally settled on was Pucci-Licious, a great shade of purple that I thought would look great with black crackle.  I know it's not really original or creative, but I don't really venture on Reddit that much and was't really inspired by the photos I saw, but did like seeing all the different crackle patterns and ways people mixed it up.  I've always loved crackle paint for those little wooden boxes you can get at the craft stores, so it's no wonder that I've been drawn to crackle nail polish as well.  Trying to get a color-accurate picture was tricky, as this house has crappy lighting and the sun would not come out today. My clean-up could use some more practice as well, I know.  I'm used to just waiting till my polish is dried, then scrubbing off any polish on my skin, but that still leaves my cuticles flooded and uneven :(  I bought some acetone and a cheap paintbrush and am starting to get better at cleaning up that way.

2 coats SinfulColors Snow Me White
2 coats Color Club Pucci-Licious
O.P.I. Black Shatter
Sally Hansen Top Coat

until next time